V4 Nuclear Power Strategic Task Force

V4 Nuclear Power Strategic Task Force is composed of experts from V4 countries with some external participants and it has been established for setting up the priority in various research areas and future international cooperation.

The Task Force is foreseen to be a forum for developing new ideas to facilitate development and deployment of advanced nuclear reactors in Europe. Among the topics to be discussed are:


  • between national nuclear projects and programmes
  • between LWR and advanced reactor programmes
  • between different advanced reactor technologies and projects

Organisational and financing issues

Design works

Fuel issues

Research topics

Education and training


V4 Nuclear Power Strategic Task Force Forum, May 26th, 2017

V4 NPSTF Forum agenda,  01-02_JGado_The Allegro Experimental Gas Cooled Fast Reactor Project , 03_GWrochna_NC2I Mission,  04_GWrochna_Innovative nuclear reactors for Polish economy,  05_DHittner_Gemini Plus and Prime Projects,  06_MFutterer_HTR activities around the world,  07_BHatala_Introduction to GFR,  09_JKalivodova_R&DCross-cutting activities on materials,  10_DHittner_ Technical Synergies HTGR,  11_MFutterer_EU Public Financing Options, 12_GWrochna_Political support for advanced reactors