S-Allegro experimental helium Loop Presentation

Pilsen, Czech Republic, 23 March 2018

At the regular meeting of representatives of the “V4G4 Center of Excellence”, Centrum Vyzkumu Rez s.r.o. (CVR) presented one of its key devices – the S-Allegro helium loop. All representatives of V4G4 together with a special visit of the Regional Nuclear Advisor, Mrs. Carole Wahide had the unique opportunity to get acquainted with one of the large infrastructures in Pilsen, co-funded by EU Structural Funds (SUSEN). The S-ALLEGRO loop is the first Czech experimental facility (mock-up) supporting the helium-cooled fast reactor (GFR) thermal- hydraulic and Decay Heat Removal (DHR) system research activities. This loop is designed to model the basic characteristics of the meltdown properties of the GFR in emergency conditions to support also the preparatory phase of the ALLEGRO project.