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The 9th International School on Nuclear Power in cooperation with Visegrad Initiative For Nuclear Cooperation – VINCO (V4G4) will take place in Poland on November 14-17, 2017. It is a very good opportunity for young scientists to get acquainted with various issues related to current and future nuclear power generation. The School promises to deal with the problems of nuclear fuel cycle, influence of low radiation doses on human health, management of radioactive waste, safety issues in III, IV generation nuclear power plants and nuclear power application for propulsion of the rockets going to Mars.

The School will take four days...

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The 24th GIF GFR SSC meeting will take place in Hotel Mercure Budapest, Hungary on May 23-24th. Members of the GIF GFR are Euratom, France, Japan will meet. Next to the regular SCC meeting, also PMB Conceptual Design & Safety and PMB Fuel & Core Materials meetings will be held.

Following this meeting a crosscut event V4G4/GFR – NC2I/HTR will be organized, on May 26th. Representatives of all organizations will discuss common  R&D topics, test facilities, common supply chain for similar components, funding perspectives and political support within SNETP and EC Euratom.

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Date: 12–14 June 2017
Place: Kyiv, Ukraine

The Workshop is funded by the EU Enlargement & Integration Action (E&IAT) and co-organized by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), and the Joint Programme on Nuclear Materials (JPNM) of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA).

The workshop will be a 2.5 day event based on the oral presentations from the invited international lecturers, as well as presentations by participants and a poster session.

Participants can attend visit of Chernobyl site.

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The 20th meeting of the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative Task Force (ESNII TF) was held in Brussels on 20 January 2016. It was chaired by Mr Noel Camarcat. The main purpose of the meeting was to inform the chairman about the progress of the ESNII projects: ASTRID, MYRRHA, ALFRED and ALLEGRO. Mr. Belovsky (UJV) provided with general overview of the ALLEGRO programme progress and Mr. Mr. Darilek (VUJE) presented detail of the outcomes summed up in a number of technical reports. The next Task Force meeting will be held in London on the 15/6/2016.

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MatISSE/JPNM workshop on cross-cutting issues in structural materials R&D for future energy systems took place in Institute for Energy and Transport, Petten, The Netherlands, on 25, 26 November 2015.The purpose of this Workshop was to discuss the status of structural materials R&D for future energy systems and particularly to identify common topics and sharing knowledge between different technologies such as renewables (wind, photovoltaics, etc.), nuclear and "clean" fossil fuel technologies. The collaboration on materials qualification and development across low carbon energy technologies on cross-cutting issues is a way to accelerate the energy system transformation towards the highest possible standards of safety, cost reduction and increased efficiency...

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