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A feasibility study on constructing China’s first nuclear plant for district heating is being carried out by China General Nuclear (CGN) and Tsinghua University. The plant would use the domestically-developed NHR200-II low-temperature heating reactor technology.

NHR200-II reactor - 460 (CGN)
An artist’s impression of a plant based on the NHR200-II reactor (Image: CGN)

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) recently organised a meeting to discuss nuclear energy heating in northern China. The meeting agreed that CGN and Tsinghua University should conduct preliminary work on the construction of a demonstration project in China. The work is to include planning and site selection, land and water use, emergency plans, communication with the public and actively promoting the project.

CGN said there is a great...

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The 9th International School on Nuclear Power in cooperation with Visegrad Initiative For Nuclear Cooperation – VINCO (V4G4) will take place in Poland on November 14-17, 2017. It is a very good opportunity for young scientists to get acquainted with various issues related to current and future nuclear power generation. The School promises to deal with the problems of nuclear fuel cycle, influence of low radiation doses on human health, management of radioactive waste, safety issues in III, IV generation nuclear power plants and nuclear power application for propulsion of the rockets going to Mars.

The School will take four days...

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The 24th GIF GFR SSC meeting will take place in Hotel Mercure Budapest, Hungary on May 23-24th. Members of the GIF GFR are Euratom, France, Japan will meet. Next to the regular SCC meeting, also PMB Conceptual Design & Safety and PMB Fuel & Core Materials meetings will be held.

Following this meeting a crosscut event V4G4/GFR – NC2I/HTR will be organized, on May 26th. Representatives of all organizations will discuss common  R&D topics, test facilities, common supply chain for similar components, funding perspectives and political support within SNETP and EC Euratom.

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China and Saudi Arabia have signed a cooperation agreement for a joint study on the feasibility of constructing high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGRs) in the Middle Eastern country.

The agreement was signed yesterday in Beijing by China Nuclear Energy Engineering Group (CNEC) president Jun Gu and King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KA-CARE) president Hashim bin Abdullah Yamani. The signing was witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman. In a statement, CNEC said that under the agreement the two companies will consider the development of system solutions for the investment and construction of HTGRs...

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There will be a training: “EU Energy Affairs Course” organized in cooperation with Foratom, held on 23 and 24 of March 2017 in Brussels.

The scope of the training will range from broader decision-making processes in the EU institutions to precise consultation mechanisms on energy, especially nuclear-related issues. Due to the fact that nuclear technologies perfectly fit into the EU policy on research and innovation in the energy sector, the course will be supported by the Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Jerzy Buzek and his advisors.

The cost of participation in the course amounts to 180 euros (+21% VAT), expenses for travel and accommodation excluded.

Registration contacts: ,, not later than 3 Marc...

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GIF Webinars

Gas Cooled Fast Reactor (GFR) on February 22nd, 2017.

The Gas Cooled Fast Reactor (GFR) is one of the six promising technologies selected by the Generation IV International Forum (GIF). The presentation summarized the main advantages and drawbacks of GFRs and the key design and safety issues as well as the related research and development programs. Presentation was given by Alfredo VASILE from CEA, France. He is presently project manager of the ESNII Plus European Project on fast reactors, the French representative at the IAEA Technical Working Group on Fast Reactors, GIF GFR Steering Committee, GIF GFR conceptual Design and Safety and GIF SFR Safety and Operation Project Management Boards...

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On 10 November 2016 in a ceremony organised at the European Commission in Brussels, Commissioner Tibor Navracsics signed the Framework Agreement Extension on behalf of Euratom, in the presence of Mr Vladimir Sucha, Director-General of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission and Policy Group member, as well as representatives from the NEA Office of Legal Counsel and the GIF Technical Secretariat. The ten Signatories of the Framework Agreement, which expired in February 2015, have now all signed the ten-year Extension.

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14th Meeting of the Materials Project Management Board, GIF VHTR has been held in CVR on April 5-8, 2016. GIF representatives from more than 6 countries, including Australia, U.S., South Korea, Switzerland and EU.Meeting is the periodical event of GIF and apart from regular technical sessions, the GIF Materials Cross Cut Session took place on April 6th. During the Material Cross Cut event different issues related to material research in GIF reactor systems (VHTR, SCWR, SFR, LFR, GFR) were discussed. Ongoing R&D activities related to nuclear materials in EU within Joint Program Nuclear Materials (JPNM EERA) has been also presented.



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