The 9th International School on Nuclear Power in cooperation with Visegrad Initiative For Nuclear Cooperation – VINCO (V4G4) will take place in Poland on November 14-17, 2017. It is a very good opportunity for young scientists to get acquainted with various issues related to current and future nuclear power generation. The School promises to deal with the problems of nuclear fuel cycle, influence of low radiation doses on human health, management of radioactive waste, safety issues in III, IV generation nuclear power plants and nuclear power application for propulsion of the rockets going to Mars.

The School will take four days. The workshops will be held on NCBJ premises in Świerk (the MARIA research reactor and some research labs), State Enterprise Radioactive Waste Management Plant premises in Świerk, and National Nuclear Waste Repository premises in Różan. The last day the technical meeting of the VINCO (Visegrad Initiative for Nuclear Cooperation) project will be held. Scheduled lectures are promising to cover topics related to development of the High Temperature Gas cooled Reactor technology.

9th International School on Nuclear Power – PROGRAM – ENGLISH_full

Presentations VINCO Technical meeting:

01 VINCO PresentationJagielski INTRO;  02 JAEA Status 9th Int Scool Nucl Power VINCO 20171117 R1;  03 He-Tech_CVR_17_VINCO04 ALLEGRO fuel_Slonszki; 05 Belovsky UJV-related He Technologies; 07 ALLEGRO Warsaw NOV 2017 Vasile; 08 Turos VINCO_f; 09 VINCO technical meeting Warsaw ’17 LK